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    Retirement beckons!

    As of November 1, 2017 I regret that I will no longer be operating as Your Computer Guy in St. Lucie County, FL. All is well but with my wife having recently retired after 33 years with the Postal Service, it's just time to spend more time with family and do some traveling.


    Thanks to all who faithfully called me during these 9 years. I hope I have been of some assistamce to you all.


    Rod Spivey



    Hello all! Just FYI, I registered and can be reached via email at It is an alternate name I will probably be transitioning to over the next few weeks. It is designed to reflect my birth state of South Dakota and my full time residence in Florida. I hope it doesn't confuse anyone. I still look forward to serving your home computer needs in Port St. Lucie, Florida.


    I'm back!

    Well, I never went away but I have neglected this site for some time now. Please know that I am alive and well and ready to service your computer! You can message me from this site or call 772-237-1251 anytime. If I am not available I will call you back as soon as I can.

    So, give me a call to check out your system. I'm sure we can get you back up and running quickly and economically. Just call 772-237-1251. And, if you mention that you were visiting my site, you will get the $90 service for only $70!!




    HBO NOW!

    The long awaited, over the top, internet only version of HBO is here now on Apple TV, this weekend on Sling TV, and soon, everywhere!

    Finally, HBO without being "tethered" to a pay TV account. That means that you can, for $15 per month, binge watch HBO like you've all wanted to do.....forever. You don't have to log in with your satellite/cable TV credentials anymore. There is of course, still HBO GO. But the point is that you can be a cable cutter and with only an  high speed internet connection (and $15  month) enjoy some of the best TV currently being produced!

    This is BIG news. I know, Sling TV was out first. And CBS All Access for you NCIS freaks. But HBO is what we all wanted. And now have. So, if you're a "cutter", you could pay $7.99/month for Netflix, $20 for Sling TV, and $15 for HBO NOW. That's $42.99 a month and you could get most of what you probably watch.You could add $7.99 for HULU Plus and maybe Amazon Prime On Demand(free to Prime subscribers). But it does start to add up quickly.

    Lets be honest. In the end you may pay as much to the various "over the top" services as you did for your traditional package. But, with a little fine tuning, I think you can get most of your wants fulfilled for far less. 

    I'm guessing that your current TV package is a lot more than $42.99 a month. And you should factor in your ISP's monthly fee. So, in my case I was paying $70 to ATT for UVerse high speed internet only (no phone or TV) and $152 to Directv (no premium channels). So I was shelling out about $222 a month for TV and internet. It is now $70 to ATT, $8 to Netflix, $20 to Sling TV, $15 to HBO, $8 to Hulu Plus, and $7 to CBS All Access. That's $128 a month. I also get Amazon Prime On Demand "free" because I am a Prime subscriber. But even at the current $99 a year for that service, if I add it in the mix, that's only $136.25!  A substantial savings.

    Now, I get nowhere near the number of channels I used to. And live sports is still a weak spot. But if I add an over the air antenna and get my locals for free again, most of that problem is alleviated. And streaming sports is coming too, albeit at a slower pace. There is MLB, NHL, and NBA now as a pay package. Can the NFL be far behind? This past Super Bowl was streamed. And one of the 2015 London games will probably be also. The favorite is the Bills/Jaguars on Oct. 25 but nothing final as of yet.

    You can see where this is going. More choices to see what you want without a lot of what you don't. In the end it probably won't be cheaper but you will have the option to add or delete services when YOU want. And that is better for everyone.



    Surface 3 looks like a winner!!

    Finally, after rumors of a Microsoft Surface mini tablet circulating for a few months, BAM! The Surface 3! And it does look good  great!

    A well built, svelte full blown Windows 8.1 machine. No holds barred. Ready to take on any task you would usually throw at your laptop or desktop. Sure, it starts at $799 for a 4 GB, Core i3 machine with 64 GB of flash storage. Any you still have to add a keyboard? Yes, but it is a high quality production powerhouse that competes, not with the iPad or the plethora of Android tablets, but the Macbook Air/Macbook Pro line of laptops. Apple's tablets don't let you use a pressure sensitive stylus ($49), choice of keyboards MADE by Microsoft for it, some even backlit. And a micro SD slot for additional storage up to 128 GB. And a USB 3.0 port! Their laptops don't have the touch screens that we are coming to expect. Or run the millions of Microsoft programs.

    This really should wake the masses up to the products coming from our friends in Redmond these days. To me, it's an even bigger step forward than the Xbox One or theXbox One without Kinect. And all this from a self professed Apple fanboy.