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    Confusion over which Windows 8 is for you?

    Sorry to rehash my comments from a few days ago but it's very important that you understand this! Be aware! Tomorrow Microsoft rolls out it's latest & greatest OS, Windows 8. You just need to know that there is a vast difference between Windows 8 RT that launches Oct. 26 and Windows 8 Pro.

    8 RT will ONLY run on the new tablets such as the Microsoft Surface.  Absolutely NONE of your Windows programs will run on it even though it does include it's own version of Office. You will download apps from the Windows store like you do with Apple's iOS devices and Android. That would be OK except you'll find the pickins' slim in the Windows store, at least for now. Hopefully that will change rapidly beause it looks like a good system and gives us another viable alternative to iOS & Android.

    The version you're probably thinking of using will be Windows 8 Pro. It is the replacement for the Windows 7 we've come to know & love running on our laptops & desktops for these last few years. These systems are NOT interchangeable! 8 Pro WILL run your legacy programs. Windows 8 Pro will also run on some new tablets, just not Windows 8 RT tablets. Different hardware specs.

    These 2 systems are designed to compliment each other. They give you the same "look" across all platforms INCLUDING Windows 8 phones.  As far as the phones go, I don't think current Windows phones will run the new system. Phones like the well reviewed Nokia 900.

    So, go ahead and try Windows 8 out. Just don't pre-order the RT tablet and expect it to run ANYTHING you currently own. And hope that Microsoft adds RT apps at a breakneck pace to keep up with expectations.

    Read more here.......Cheat sheet: Windows 8 vs. Windows RT

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