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    Blockbuster Apple announcement today!

    We've waited and speculated for a long, long time now. And today is the day! And while may details of these products were leaked, no one could have guessed the sheer scope of these announcements. New iPad, iPad mini, Mac mini ,new iMacs and the Retina display 13.3" Macbook Pro. Wow!!


    More here fron Fox News.......Apple unveils new hardware at California event


    Which Windows 8??

    Just for your edification, there are 2  completely different versions of Windows 8 coming out. The first, coming October 26 on the Microsoft Surface tablet, is Windows RT. It IS NOT a full featured OS that you are used to. Think Apple's iOS 6. Apps must be loaded from their store much like those for your iPad. It DOES NOT run ANY of your legacy Windows programs. Which may or may not be a deal breaker for some.

    The full OS, Windows 8 Pro, is a few more months away. It IS what you expect, but runs on different hardware than the Surface. It fully supports your legacy programs and is the replacement for your current Windows 7. The only problem will be people rushing to by the new Surface with Windows RT only to realize that it won't run anything they already have.  And for now the App Store doesn't have much selection, much like the Android when it launched. This will change, hopefully quickly.

    Just be informed, ask questions, wait for Windows 8 Pro if you need to.  Any enjoy. Because even though the learning curve may be steep for some, it certainly looks like Microsoft has a winner here. And competition is good for all!.

    More from the folks at Engadget here......What Windows RT Can't Do


    Microsoft's Surface surfaces!

    Well, we've had the release date for some time now, Oct. 26. We now have some price points and it seems the entry level 32 GB model w/o the keyboard cover, priced @ $499, has already SOLD OUT! Even though we don't have any idea how many that is, it is certainly encouraging. 

    This new OS, with a bold new look, is a HUGE bet by the guys in Redmond. Sure it'll take some getting used to but what new OS doesn't? The idea is to unify the experience between all devices. Yes, even the Windows phone. Some say its a little clunky on non touch devices but you can always strip away the Aero interface and use it much as you do Windows 7. Touchscreen tablets, laptops and, I'm sure, desktops are being readied for store shelves and we'll just have to see where the chips fall. This Apple enthusiast thinks that this will be a great alternative for those who, for whatever reason, prefer a Windows OS to the iOS. And there are lots of those people out there. And being into servicing PCs, I am very interested in obtaining one of these tablets to familiarize myself with them because we are going to be seeing LOTS of these. And I think that is a very good thing! 

    For more insight, check out this from our friends at Microsoft Sells Out of $500 Surface RT Pre-Orders in One Day


    Pithily perspective commentary!

    I don't know how many of you know of Andy Ihnatko, the tech writer for the Chicago Sun-Times. He lives somewhere in the Boston area and also writes the always perceptive, often amusing blog "Celestial Waste of Bandwidth". And those of you that do know of him know that he is NOT just a tech writer/reviewer/Mac enthusiast.

    That fact is in evidence here.....  How To Retire From Politics  .

    It is required reading. And would be (is) damned funny if it weren't so true.


    Compelling Microsoft Surface tablet for how much??

    Wow, if the folks at one of my fav tech sites, Engadget, are right, the yet-to-be-released Windows 8 tablet from Microsoft may sell for........$199!! That would almost certainly be less than cost to manufacture but our friends in Redmond are betting on their new OS in a BIG way. It would easily drive sales and maybe give us a solid alternative to the iPad and the just available Nexus 7 tablet from Google. One can only hope. More here.....Microsoft Surface for Windows RT tablet coming October 26th for $199?