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    Compelling Microsoft Surface tablet for how much??

    Wow, if the folks at one of my fav tech sites, Engadget, are right, the yet-to-be-released Windows 8 tablet from Microsoft may sell for........$199!! That would almost certainly be less than cost to manufacture but our friends in Redmond are betting on their new OS in a BIG way. It would easily drive sales and maybe give us a solid alternative to the iPad and the just available Nexus 7 tablet from Google. One can only hope. More here.....Microsoft Surface for Windows RT tablet coming October 26th for $199?  


    Check out Microsoft's NEW!

    And the hits(?) just keep coming fron our friends in Redmond! Check out the article from the gang at The Verge here..  Microsoft launches, a new email service with limited ads, unlimited storage and built-in Skype  Then mosey on back and let me know what you think. A hit or a miss?


    New Microsoft tablet, hit or miss?

    The good folks in Redmond just had an event where they unveiled their new Windows 8 tablet, aptly named Surface. It really looks like a good, well thought out product, especially that keyboard!

    No word on pricing and it won't be available right away. I think that's a bummer.  But it is a step in the right direction. And with Office!

    For more info check out the product announcement blog here from our friends at The Verge......  Live from Microsoft's 'major announcement' event  


    Excellent customer service!

    I recently had a very good (for a change) experience with a customer service rep. Earlier this year I purchased a killer Mac software program called TechTools Pro from Micromat, Inc. I just  tried to locate the disk and SURPRISE!, I have misplaced it. I know I received it and still have the confirming email with tracking number. Well, because I need to have this valuable program available to me I decided to contact them in Santa Rosa, CA and ask how much for a replacement disk.

    Immediately Stephanie Caldwell from the Micromat sales department got in touch with me. All she wanted to know was if they had erred and not shipped my package. I replied that I was certain I had received it but just couldn't locate it here in my home office. She promptly stated that they would mail a replacement out right way via first class mail! All at no charge!! Really?? 

    In my book that deserves a good word. They certainly didn't have to do that as it was definately not their fault. And now I am an even more loyal Micromat customer.


    Every car should have this!

    I'm not sure what took them so long but the new Mercedes implementation of iPhone integration looks sweet! I kinda thought BMW might be first though. Take a read here courtesy of The Unofficial Apple Weblog.....New Mercedes-Benz car line to embrace iPhone 4S, Siri

    It looks to be very elegant and a well thought out just plain ole' good idea. At least for us geeks.